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We’re in the era of Smartphones, so it’s understandable that more than 60% of Airbnb listings are made up of user-taken photographs. However, it’s proven time and time again that the most successful listings are those with a professional sheen on them – in short, those with fantastically composed, lit and edited photographs. It’s for this reason that we exist; to help you achieve ultimate Airbnb success. Start a conversation 🙂

Your Questions Answered

Why do you require something like AirBandMe?

We totally get it. You’ve decided to rent out your space and you’re super excited to get going, that’s why you’ve used your iPhone for your photoset, completed the job in 5 minutes and haven’t been out any cash – perfect, right? Not really. In multiple surveys completed around the effectiveness of listings with professional photographs, they always strike a better first and lasting impression than those done by someone with no more photography skills than being in possession of an iPhone. What a lot of people forget is that composition, lighting and structure are the main components of a great photograph – something not usually present in the skillset of non-professional photographers.

‘Fresh eyes’ are an undeniable part of what we bring to the table. Not only do we have sharpened photographic eyes, but when we visit your location, we’re a totally blank canvas. Why is this important? It’s likely you’ve seen the gems in your location so many times that you now overlook them, perhaps in text-info and photographic, to us, we may hone in on them and use them as a major selling point of your listing.

Just like we’ve alluded to above in regards to photographic composition, the arrangement of your household matters more than you might think. For example, something simple like a bedside lamp placed more to the right-hand side than the left can be very jarring to the eye even on a subconscious level. Uneven light distribution can create a weird effect and believe it or not, there is a way to arrange your furniture and fixtures for optimal uptake.

If we had a penny for every beautiful listing we’ve seen that’s been spoiled by lazy or bad text [or the vice-versa] we’d be millionaires! The textual content on your listing is pivotal to your success though it’s often overlooked out of sheer laziness. We can grill you on your offerings and completely rewrite your listing for you in a way that is sure to grab the attention of digital traffic and showcase your location(s) in the best possible light.

Sell the Heart.

Photography is the rockstar of your listing, it simply has to be above standard phone levels in order to stand out. Composition, lighting, clarity, creativity, quality & post-production editing are just some of the elements that'll make your new photos pop. Remember: clients look at your listing as a measure of how much attention you put into your home.

Sell the Mind.

In our extended research of over 4,000 Airbnb listings, we found a complete correlation between half-hearted (or incredibly short) text within a listing and a lack of reviews. Your photos can set the eyes alight, but your words have to narrate the story and sell your property, yourself and your surroundings in the best possible light. It's so important.


On the Regular

Starting in first-quarter 2019, we'll be launching a dedicated cleaning service for Airbnb homes. Our staff will ensure your home is as fresh and welcoming to your guests as possible. Whether you need a cleaner once a year or once a week - we'll have you covered with a professional sheen and incredibly great value for money. Stay tuned!


Hosting Essentials
A Subscription Service.

Starting in first-quarter 2019, we'll be launching a subscription delivery service for hosts that is sure to be of interest. From an exhaustive list, you choose what essentials you periodically find yourself replenishing and how often you'd like a delivery. We'll then send you a 'Hosting Essentials' box when the time comes. No rushing to the store at the last minute ever again!

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Happy Clients
Photosets Created
Rewritten Listings
Unique Locations

Brilliant experience working with AirBandMe. We’re extremely happy with the Airbnb photography. On the day we uploaded the new photos, we received four new bookings! As a super host, I’ve hosted over 500 trips and there is no doubt the new business came from AirBandMe’s brilliant service. Merci.

Lyndsey Fitzgerald Mosley

I would recommend AirBandMe to anyone, this young lady photographed professionally and took her time to make sure each photo was exactly the way she wanted it. I wish to thank her for a job well done.

Kathleen McSparran

AirBandMe captured my place better than I could have ever hoped for. The photos look like out of a magazine and my listing reads so well now, I couldn’t have done it anywhere near as good – and trust me, I’ve tried!

Jerome Moss

There is so much value in AirBandMe. My listing looks better, reads better and my repeat clients have even commented on the changes! Thank you guys, you really made the difference.

Patrick Ferren

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